How can we help your sports team?

Raise funds for your sports team by selling thousands of hotel rooms all over the world!

Why StayToHelp?

  • Sports fundraising events can include scholarship and tribute dinners, golf tournaments and other creative events to drive in money. These events take time for the team to plan and operate when they could be focused on practicing. The goal with our sports team fundraising is to help minimize the costs associated with operating the team easily through our simple, passive program.
  • Sports teams have large networks of friends and family they can share their StayToHelp site with. When they make hotel bookings on StayToHelp they help the team earn money.
  • Schedule time with us to learn more about how to bring in additional money into your sports team!

How StayToHelp Works

Your Supporters Make Hotel Bookings

Book hotels around the world at the same rates as other online travel sites.


Your Organization Earns Money

An average of 2-4% of booking totals on your StayToHelp site accumulate in your organization's account.


When Ready, Apply Funds

Apply your site's earnings towards your organization's initiatives.

Put travel dollars to work for your team!