About Us

At StayToHelp we offer no-cost, turn-key fundraising and tuition reduction programs for private and parochial schools through the sale of hotel bookings. Our fundraising program is also available to churches, public school PTO’s, sports teams, music and fine arts programs, alumni associations and any other non-profit organization. StayToHelp is also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to support their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Our partners get a personalized hotel booking website to match their organization’s unique branding. Supporters of our partner organizations can make their hotel bookings on their organization’s StayToHelp site and in return, the organization earns approximately 2-3% of the booking total just for the booking being made through their site.

Aaron, the developer and now the Managing Partner / CEO of StayToHelp had a dream for many years to develop a fundraising program to support private Christian schools. So often, we see these schools rely on parents and supporting families for all funding for their programs. He wanted to develop a program that would allow these schools to make money from something that their supporters are already purchasing elsewhere. This essentially brings money into the organization from an outside source. He initially developed a hotel booking website called NeedToBook as a way to learn e-commerce website development using a supplier’s API for content. After the development of NeedToBook was complete, he realized that this site could be replicated and expanded into a template platform that he developed called EasyBookingSite. One day when he was being asked to help support the Christian School where his twin boys attended in the Pacific Northwest, he remembered his dream to develop a fundraising program. It was a very quick and easy decision to expand on the EasyBookingSite platform and start the StayToHelp fundraising program.

Our goal is to launch 30 or more schools on our program in 2019. If you are interested in how StayToHelp can help your Christian school, church, public school PTO, sports team, music and fine arts program, alumni association or any other non-profit organization, please click here to learn more about our program. We look forward to working with you to help your organization raise funds.