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How do I sign my organization up with StayToHelp?

Signing up with StayToHelp is easy. Head on over to our Registration page to sign up or recommend your organization today.

Who can partner with StayToHelp?

Any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States can partner with StayToHelp.

How much does it cost to partner with StayToHelp?

Our StayToHelp hotel booking template service is FREE for nonprofit organizations in the United States. We ask that you continuously market your StayToHelp site to your supporters to keep in top of their minds when they go online to book hotels.

How much can our organization earn with StayToHelp?

Calculating earnings can be a bit tricky as earnings are based on a property’s booking margin, which is variable. Our suppliers pay us a commission for bookings made on StayToHelp. In-turn we pay our Partners a starting rate of 60% of the commissions we earn. StayToHelp has been in business since 2017. Over this past few years, we have given, on average, 2-4% of the booking value (before taxes and fees) to our partners. That’s between $20-40 for a $1000 hotel booking.

We rely on you to advertise your StayToHelp site to the supporters of your organization. Think of how many people actively support your organization and think about the people they have influence on in their own personal networks that also may be interested in helping out your organization.

Here is an example of the potential one private school of 500 students could earn by actively marketing their StayToHelp site. Feel free to change the numbers to make this more relevant for your organization.

StayToHelp Potential Earnings Calculator

# of supporters in the organization’s community
# of families & friends each supporter influences
% of supporter community that book hotels online
Average # of nights per booking
Average nightly rate
Gross Booking Value (total before taxes & fees)
Estimated Earnings

These calculations are for demonstration purposes only. How well your StayToHelp site performs depends on your marketing efforts and participation of your support community.

When a customer makes a booking, when will our organization receive our earnings?

StayToHelp pays our partners on a quarterly basis within the two months following the quarter of each quarter where Marketing Fees owed, which exceed $50 USD, due to our Partners for rooms “consumed” during the previous quarter.


  1. Bookings consumed between January 1 and March 31 will be paid by May 31.
  2. Bookings consumed between April 1 and June 30 will be paid by August 31.
  3. Bookings consumed between July 1 and September 30 will be paid by November 30.
  4. Bookings consumed between October 1 and December 31 will be paid by February 28.
If we make a booking on behalf of our organization, can the booking be tax-exempt?

Unfortunately, no.  The rates provided by our suppliers are the rates that need to be paid for the bookings, including taxes and fees.  Taxes cannot be adjusted.  Our suppliers do not have a way for us to provide them tax-exempt status.

Do you use cookies and/or JavaScript on your sites?

We use cookies to maintain your session when shopping from page to page on StayToHelp. Cookies ensure that what you are searching for is what you see on subsequent pages in your shopping journey. Your cookie session is encrypted, secure, and holds no personally identifiable information. Shopping on one of our StayToHelp sites is your consent that you agree to allow us to use cookies.

We use JavaScript on our StayToHelp sites to enable the interactivity on our sites. JavaScript is also used to enhance security of the various forms you may fill out on our site.

Can we use our own domain name on our StayToHelp site?

By default your StayToHelp site URL is structured as [your subdomain] With a little help from us, you can setup a subdomain with your own domain name as well. Please contact your StayToHelp representative for further information.

Can our customers get rewards with their favorite hotel chains when they book on StayToHelp?

Hotels do not generally give out rewards unless bookings are made directly through the hotel. When people book with StayToHelp, the rates are often the same or better than booking directly with the hotel. We offer member exclusive deals that can make our rates better than the hotel offers. When you book on StayToHelp, the money (margin) that the hotel would put towards their rewards program, is instead passed on to your organization.

Does StayToHelp have a rewards program?

Coming Soon! If the organization you are supporting has opted to enable booking rewards you will see how many reward dollars you get for your booking. You can later cash those reward dollars in as a discount on a future booking.

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